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US warns Hamas over Israel blast

AGM , Sunday 14th May 2006

03 Mar 2006

British Weight Lifters’ Association

A company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital

to be held at 10.30 a.m. on Sunday, 14th May 2006
at Lilleshall National Sports Centre, Shropshire


This meeting is called under Articles 26 - 29.

1. To approve the Minutes of the BWLA AGM of 8 May 2005.

2. To receive the Annual Report and Accounts, together with the auditor’s report, and, if thought fit, to approve them. The auditors, Bronsens, are asked to be present for this item.

3. To elect the auditors for 2006 and to agree their remuneration.

4. To approve the appointment of Company Directors and Company Secretary, according to Article 18 and Governing Council 8th May 2005, as follows:
Continuing Directors: SB Cannon (CE), W Barton (Chairman), KM Jane (EM), , F Sterry (NM), G Gibson (NI), RH Parker (SWC).
Company Secretary: SB Cannon.

5. To receive resolutions to change the Memorandum, Articles of Association, Standing Orders. Any such notice must be received by 13th April 2006.

6. There shall be no other business at the meeting.

1. In accordance with the Articles and Standing Orders, there will be no proxy voting.
2. To facilitate checking of eligibility and practical arrangements, Member

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